Bile at BIOLA

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the recent Hitchens-Craig Debate at BIOLA as I was out of town – fortunately, while away I did get to see those dandy Islam bus ads in San Francisco first hand. While a full clip of the debate is not yet forthcoming as far as I can tell, I was able to find a few snippets posted on youtube. It seems the good Dr. Craig is up to his old tricks, trotting out the tired claim that you can’t have “objective meaning” without acknowledging the existence of a god. This may sound nice to apologists and their followers, but I have the feeling that if Craig was pressed on this point, he would end up sounding uncomfortably like Bill Clinton: “It all depends on what your definition of ‘objective’ is”. At the end of the day, apologists throw out the word “objective” a helluva lot, but usually what they mean by “objective” is “having meaning in the eyes of a god”. But wait a minute… wouldn’t that definition ring hollow for someone who doesn’t believe in gods in the first place? Doh!


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I’m starting this blog as an outlet for my thoughts on religion, it successes, shortfalls, and how I get along without it. As an atheist and secularist, I often get accused of only believing in “cold logic”, to which I respond, “What’s so cold about it?" Just because I think critically where where religious people don’t doesn’t make me cold, immoral or unfeeling. I’m not anti-religious per se, though I feel some religious practices do get a free ride where they shouldn’t. The main reason I’m an atheist is that I think a life lived on secular priciples is a better way to live. In reading this, you’ll probably see plenty of ideas you’ve heard before, and hopefully a few you haven’t. With any luck, you’ll understand where I’m coming from, and we’ll both be better off.
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